Le Fils des √Čtoiles (1891)
The Russian pianist
Alexei Lubimov played the original music for the stage play "Le Fils des Etoiles" by Sar Peladan of 1891(about 60 min duration), film projections were shown, there was dancing and a dessert of John Cage ("Sonnekus").

The concert took place on Sunday,October 17, 2010 in the Christianskirche-Hamburg
in the series FORUM-NEUE-MUSIK:
to the PROGRAM (German)
Excerpts of the SATIE-Event (10 min.)
in Hamburg >>>
The next concert took place on December 29, 2010 at the "School of Dramatic Art" in Moscow :
to the PROGRAM.(Russian)
Excerpts of the SATIE-Event (14 min.)
in Moscow >>>
(...) The fact that Satie did not intend to give an accurate musical representation of the storyline is evident from the following statement: "The orchestra should not grimaces when a person enters the stage (...) We would have to make a kind of music decoration, a musical climate in which the persons move and speak. No arias, no 'Leitmotifs'. "(...)
The 'leitmotif' technique (Richard Wagner) follows closely to the text, while Satie with his modular method just that avoids. Storyline and music run side by side (...) Satie wrote here already
decor sonore immobile, musique d'ameublement.
(from: Grete Wehmeyer, Erik Satie, Kassel,1997,S.84 ff.-
own translation)
In the background Alexei Lubimov plays a piece from Satie's "Le Fils des Etoiles"(1891)
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